Tour Checklist for Assisted Living

Tour Checklist for Assisted Living: Whether this is your first tour of a community or you’ve visited some already, there are a few things that are important to consider:

  • Ask about the current residents: Your tour guide should be familiar in general with the residents at the community and what they are like. This is a good way to find out if the community is a cultural fit as well as see what kind of relationship the staff and residents might have. If your tour guide knows everyone’s name and what they’re up to, it’s a good sign they genuinely care about their residents.
  • Get a full picture of the costs: This is a given, but be sure to cover your bases when talking about the costs of the community. Ask about the payment model, if it is a monthly rental model or "buy-in”. Also find out about the care plan fees, is it an all-inclusive or points-based fee system? Get a written quote for the month-to-month costs including what happens if your future care needs increase.
  • Learn about the staffing ratio: What is the overall ratio like? Are nurses available 24/7? What is coverage like overnight? Most communities have similar ratios but you want to get sense for the staffing model and if they are already stretched thin.
  • Also learn about the staff’s background: Ask a bit about what the staff is like. Do they have lots of fresh faces? A lot of turnover in staff can be a sign of an unhappy work environment.. Are there employees who have been at the community for a long time? Loyal staff can indicate a healthy community with a friendly atmosphere. Also ask how background checks are performed for new employees.
  • Ask what makes them different: Every assisted living community provides care, and once you’ve established that they provide great care it can be telling to ask what makes them special. Is it in a walkable location or beautiful setting? Is there a top-notch amenity everyone’s buzzing about? Or a cutting edge fitness or health class? This can help uncover special features that make the community a particularly good fit.
  • Find out about the admission process: The community will probably cover this without being prompted, but if it doesn’t come up be sure to find out how their process works and how long it typically takes. Do they come to your home to provide an assessment prior to move in? Learning about this upfront prevents surprises if you choose to move into the community.
  • Is there a management company? : An individual community may be owned or managed by a larger company that owns other communities. If there is one, ask • what the company is like and what their mission is and how that fits into the community.
  • Observe the common areas: How does the community feel? Does it seem well cared for and clean? There are a number of explanations for a sub par common area, but if it seems like a constant throughout the community, it could be a sign of staff being stretched thin or ambivalent towards the appearance of their community.
  • Does the community have any projects? : Ask what is on the horizon for the community. If the community has a plan for the future that’s a good sign that the ownership is committed to improving the resident experience.
  • Trust your instincts! : Once you’ve gathered your info, compare it to other communities and don’t be afraid to call back or tour again for clarification. Trust your instincts and pick a community that meets the care requirements you need as well as feels like a welcoming and engaging community.

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