Fred Lind Manor

Meet our fabulous staff.

The one thing you won’t find at Fred Lind Manor is high employee turnover. In fact, you’ll soon discover that it’s the quality of our people that sets this community apart from the rest. Staff longevity translates into excellent assisted living service and care. Take the dining staff, for example—they know all the regulars by name and how they take their coffee.

Read what a few of our dedicated team members say about their devotion to their work at Fred Lind Manor!


What I truly enjoy the most about being here at Fred Lind Manor is the ability to share with others the blessings of what I have been given. The road I have traveled has brought many unique and rewarding experiences, I have learned that you can overcome difficulties by remaining calm and thinking through innovative solutions. I am thankful that I can be in a position to offer guidance and motivation to rise and meet challenges and at the end of the day to look back and smile knowing we gave it our best.

Dave Foltz, Executive Director


There is a strong sense of community; residents and staff are such caring people and we all feel like family. I am honored to come to work at Fred Lind Manor and strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others every day.

Katherine Post, Director of Marketing and Community Relations


"Nurses are not born with two hands. They are born with a big heart, compassion for caring, commitment to making a difference in the lives of others and -  a great sense of humor"

Evelyn Palmer, Assisted Living Director


"I started my career as a receptionist. I now serve as the Business Manager. Fred Lind Manor is small enough for me to offer very personalized service to each and every resident."

Linda Middlebrooks, Business Manager and HR Partner



"I feel good about working with residents and go out of my way to make their day better; this gives me a joy in my heart that is priceless."


Amelia Cabral, Facilities Manager

Kelly Wadsworth,Chaplain
"Fred Lind Manor is like my second home. The residents have watched me grow and I benefit every day from their wisdom. I am so grateful to be part of this not-for-profit community. The resident’s happiness is what makes me come to work every day and to see their smile. They are so joyful and caring."

Yasmin Mahamed, Assisted Living Coordinator, team member since 2003

Kim Antoine, Dining Services Manager

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