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How to Get the Best Care for Your Aging Parents?

As people age, their vision and hearing weaken, movements and reflexes slow, and overall health declines. As most adult children are likely to be busy with their own jobs, th[...]

Assisted Living - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted living communities are a great option for elderly people who want to maintain an active lifestyle while getting necessary help for their activities of daily living as needed. As the demand for senior care centers is very high, many people may be curious to know what is assisted living and who lives there.<span style="font-weight[...]

7 Easy Ways to Build Strong Bones

Bone building reaches a peak during adolescence but then slows after age 25. In addition to this natural bone loss, we’re less likely to perform high-impact, bone-stimulating exercises (such as jumping) after age 50. This adds up to an increased risk of <a h[...]

Organize and Simplify to Reduce Stress

Americans are stressed out, and their cluttered homes aren’t helping matters: According to recent Ikea data, Americans spend an average of 55 minutes per day looking for things they can’t findWe may live in a culture of clutter (it’s been estimated that 80 percent of what we own, we never use), but that doesn’t mean that you have [...]

Tour Checklist for Assisted Living

Tour Checklist for Assisted Living: Whether this is your first tour of a community or you’ve visited some already, there are a few things that are important to consider:Ask about the current residents: Your tour guide should be familiar in general with the residents at the community and what they are like. This is a good way to fin[...]

Assisted Living: It's a personal choice!

As we get older, physical abilities change and that can become a roadblock from living a full and independent life. Taking trips, making appointments and doing chores can become a daunting task when tackled alone. The good news is: you don’t have to sacrifice independence. There are many ways to solve these problems and assisted living is one of [...]

Cyber-Seniors: Bridging the Gap between Elders & Technology

Most days, our lives are dominated by technology. We wake to smart phones, spend time on our laptops and tinker with tablets. We're online throughout the day and take it for granted. And as internet savvy as most of us are, our kids are even more so. They live and breathe the web since they've never known life without it. But for our parents and[...]

Top 10 Books Critical to Healthy Aging

I don't know about you, but when I encounter the unknown or embark on a new experience, I am all about research. For something simple, I might limit my quest to a Google search or checking Wikipedia. But when it's something big, I like to dig in and gather more knowledge - [...]