The move to Fred Lind made us carefree again! We are relaxed. Each day brings new opportunities for stimulation of mind and body.-Bill and Cindy R.

Making new friends is a fascinating experience. I’ve met architects, school teachers, ministers, artists, and people from all over. -Tom B.

It’s a wonderful life. Should have moved in 10 years ago. -Frances H.

I would recommend Fred Lind to anyone who is looking for a really good place to live one’s life. -Jean E.

We picked Fred Lind Manor to be close to our son. And it wasn’t nearly as expensive as many of the other options. I most enjoy the residents and staff. We’ve made some great friends here. At Fred Lind Manor, I find that I can just be myself. -Donna

My wife and I did not have kids so this place is like family. The people here are real friendly. -Bill